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Individualized approaches lead to the best outcomes

Personalization serves as the foundation of successful communication training and highly skilled communication specialists, such as speech-language pathologists, can customize it accordingly. No two people are alike, and neither should be the approaches they use to reach their goals.

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    "Magdalena made the material easy to understand along the way. My coworkers and friends quickly noticed a change in my accent." 
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Areas of Expertise


Speaking with a foreign accent or a regional dialect is not an impairment, but it is a deviation from the Standard American English (SAE). Each language has a unique origin and linguistic specifications unlike others, although there are similarities across the board. The differences can occur in vowels and consonants, word relationships, and word sequence in sentences. Additionally, changes in word stress, rhythm and intonation are also present. Individualized training is key to making long-lasting improvements.

Transgender Communication

Men and women communicate differently, literally. Variations in pitch, resonance, intonation, rate and volume are noticeable, however language use (or word selection), clarity of speech production, and body language are also significant. Transgender individuals often seek change within these areas in order to match their desired image. Seeking professional guidance in this instance is crucial, as self-taught techniques could be harmful to the voice.