People relate to one another when they've shared similar experiences.

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Speech- Language Pathology is a very intricate field. Most people don't know exactly what it means or entails, and at one point, neither did I. Little did I know, my calling for the field was almost innate, as I was once in my client's shoes seeking to improve my communication.
I didn't think I could do it, yet here we are.

"You must do the things you think you cannot do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

My Story

It all started at the age of 14 when my family and I immigrated to the United States from Poland. I thought that connecting with my new peers would be effortless since I was learning English from a young age. I was wrong. My accent held me back from speaking freely and I recall missing out on several opportunities during those difficult years. I was unaware of the errors I was making, but it was obvious that I didn't speak clearly. Long story short, I spent countless adolescent years perfecting my communication skills until I was perceived as the person I truly was.

This experience led me to pursue Speech-Language Pathology during my undergraduate education at Hofstra University and graduate studies at New York Medical College. During my studies, not only did I learn the science and psychology behind assessing and treating a variety of impairments, but my teachers and mentors also instilled in me the art of healing. I was fortunate enough to train alongside some of the field's most respected researchers and clinicians, who exposed me to various populations in numerous healthcare settings. Hence my expansive experience working with adults. Just as many paved the way for my career development, it is now my turn to give back through mentoring and supervising graduate students and young clinicians seeking guidance.

Undoubtedly, being able to relate to my clients has been a strength of mine from day one as a speech-language pathologist. This, along with my outgoing personality, allows me to help countless individuals through direct therapy, advocacy, development and implementation of communication training programs in healthcare facilities and communities. My clients' wellbeing is my top priority and I'm honored to work with each of them.




Speaking Diligence was founded with one goal in mind:
to give your voice a chance.

Just as I once needed a second chance, I am committed to give others one too.

Available At Your Convenience



Speech therapy services are designed for persons with a medical necessity (illness or diagnosis), seeking to restore communicative ablities such as slurred speech, language loss, hoarse voice, swallowing impairment or cognitive deficits.

Communication enhancement is available for people who are interested in fine-tuning their functional communication skills, including but not limited to accent modification, transgender communication, or public speaking.


Speaking Diligence only accepts private pay in form of cash, checks, and credit cards for services rendered. Payment plans are available. Clients seeking reimbursement from their medical insurance companies are provided with necessary documentation.

Service Area

Speech Therapy services are offered in the Greater Philadelphia area and southern New Jersey: in-office, in-home, and online. Communication enhancement is offered worldwide via the Internet-based platforms and at the downtown Philadelphia office location.